Beat Box Vox Pop

--- The Voice of Western Sydney in the Language of Contemporary Youth ---


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Young Vietnamese artists performing in the production, Beat Box Vox Pop


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Director Binh Duy Ta
DramaturgyBruce Keller
Composers/MusiciansReza Achman
 Angela Grima
 Ngoc-Tuan Hoang
Hip Hop tutorsMorgan Lewis
 Reza Achman
Set DesignerPierre Thibaudeau
Mask MakerTran Kim An
Lighting DesignerNeil Simpson
Video ArtistPatrick Abboud
Devised/Performed byPatrick Abboud, Stella Do,
Marcus Biady, Seng Ith, Greg Johnson, Naomi Johnson, Paul Johnson, Nam Phi Nguyen, Hong An Thai, Minh Huong Tran, Leanne Tran & T.T (Trung Tran)


Through Hip Hop, Kung Fu, Rap and body percussion, the ensemble explores the relationship between cultural backgrounds, with a focus on the experience of growing up in Sydney’s western suburbs. The vibrancy of contemporary youth culture forms a touchstone for an examination of love, isolation, pain and adventure.

The diversity of cultural influences that fuels Beat Box Vox Pop stems from the broad multicultural heritage of the ensemble (Vietnamese, Lebanese, Cambodian Aboriginal, Egyptian, Indonesian and Maltese). The content of the show has been devised by the young performers themselves, drawing upon the stories and legends of their families and cultures. In a workshop process led by director Binh Duy Ta and dramaturg Bruce Keller, they have explored and shared their personal histories and life experience, as well as partaking in workshops in rap, hip hop and percussion.

Musicians and composers Angela Grima, Reza Achman and Ngoc-Tuan Hoang have worked with the ensemble, developing the sonic richness which bind the threads of narrative and image, focussing on the body itself as a generator of sound and instrument of expression.

Beat Box Vox Pop was a celebration of identity and dream, of fear and loathing and relationships, of unveiling the extraordinary that lies behind the ordinary in everyday lives.

Beat Box Vox Pop was performed at Fairfield School of Arts, Sydney Australia for two weeks in July 2001.