Reclaim the Streets

--- A Celebration of the Normal----


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Young man holding flag


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The inspiration for the project came during the workshop period for Ðất Nước: Earth/Water (Country), when the late Bruce Keller (Citymoon’s co-founder and co-artistic director) was chatting in an inner-city foyer with a highly respected young theatre practitioner. When informed that Citymoon was working with Vietnamese youth in the Bankstown area, this highly respected young theatre practitioner enthused

“How very interesting... are they druggies or homeless?” It was patiently explained to him that no, they were just ordinary Australian kids who happen to come from a Vietnamese background.

Reclaim the Streets: Celebrating the Normal was an aim to devise a program of innovative street theatre, comedy, short sketches and physical skills on the theme of growing up in Western Sydney surrounded by a multitude of cultural backgrounds. These routines will be short, and learnt by several members, so that it will be possible to “mix ‘n’ match when festivals and communities request Citymoon to be involved with their event.