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A scene from Heartland


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Directors Binh Duy Ta
 Katrina Douglas
 Bruce Keller
Video Artist/DesignerSamuel James
ComposerNgoc-Tuan Hoang
Costume DesignerAnnemaree Dalziel
Lighting Designer and 
Production ManagerIan Bowie
Stage ManagerPantelis Kotsireas
Technical AssistantKarleena Majoram
Design AssistantsKatrin Kircheiss
 Nicki Ruecrost
Video AssistantPatrick Abboud
Graphic DesignerThuy Cu
Field Trip Co-ordinatorBel Brown
DocumentationSimone Douglas
Technical VolunteersPadaric Meredith-Keller, Daniel Fenech, Natalie Rose, Renee Busitill & Kathryn Leader
Devisers/PerformersSarah Buchanan, Marcus Biady, Eva Cashel, Sarah Bowen, Seng Ith, Graham Hyland, Matt Leslie, Donne Restom,Nelio Sam,Daniel Saridakis,Johnny Tran & T.T (Trung Tran)


" Place provokes memory. And memory is an onion. Peel back the layers..."

Heartland has been devised with local youth participants, exploring themes of identity and landscape. Core to the workshops were excursions to three key landscapes – the beach, the farm and the desert. All participants were profoundly affected by these experiences, which has been reflected in their writings and performance building in the rehearsal workshops. Intrinsic also to the workshops has been training in Qi Gong and Kung Fu, which has strongly influenced the performance style, along with contemporary improvisation techniques.

The youth performers represent a cross section of cultural backgrounds, reflecting not just contemporary Australia, but also contemporary Bankstown and the wider Western Sydney community. Their cultural backgrounds include Vietnamese, Lebanese, Anglo-Celtic, Cambodian, East Timorese, German and Egyptian.

Heartland was performed at Revesby Community Hall, Revesby on Friday the 8th to Sunday the 10th November, 2002 and is sponsored by the Australia Council for the Arts the Federal Government’s arts funding & advisory body, the NSW ministry for the Arts & Bankstown City Council.