Eleven Parts of Feeling

--- In Loving Memory of Bruce Keller ---


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A scene from Eleven Parts of Feeling


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Director Binh Duy Ta
Composer/PerformerNgoc-Tuan Hoang
Production Manager/ Ian Bowie
Lighting Designer 
Set Designer My Le Thi
Costume Designer MentorAnnemaree Daziel
Costume DesignerXanthee Heubel
Percussion/PerformerReza Achman
Choreographer/DancerTien Dung Truong
Singers/PerformersDang Lan
 Eliane Anh Xuan Morel
Video ArtistAnh Khoa Tran
Stage ManagerSarah Smith
Performed & devised byAlena Attard, Marcus Biady Eleanor Clapham, Isra Constantine, Stef Dawson, Natasha Gallo, Mona Kanaan, Nella Scott & T.T (Trung Tran)
Special GuestsLotus Bud Sangha (Sen Bup) -
 community of mindfulness living
 & Cellist Stella Do
Administered/assisted byTim Carroll - BYDS


" Pain is less than...less than...
Pain stands up reluctantly
In the laughing light of the sharp knife
And in poems."

Eleven Parts of Feeling is a poetic, exciting and unique youth performance based and inspired on a poem of the same name written by well-known Vietnamese poet Nguyen Quang Thieu.

The play is performed and devised with young people from different backgrounds and is an opportunity for them to share their ideas, knowledge and feelings. Their backgrounds are different but their feelings are the same. Eleven Parts of Feeling is performed in both English and Vietnamese. However, movement and music are the main languages for this production. Live music is a major part of the play with singing, percussion, guitar, cello and Vietnamese traditional instrument. Young performers trained in Kung Fu, Qigong and Percussion, which has strongly influenced the performance style, along with contemporary Improvisation techniques.

Eleven Parts of Feeling was performed at Bankstown Town Hall, Sydney, Australia in June 2004 and sponsored by the Australia Council for the Arts the Federal Government’s arts funding and advisory body, the NSW Ministry for the Arts & Bankstown City Council.

Eleven Parts of Feeling is dedicated in loving memory of our friend Bruce Keller, the co-founder and co-artistic director of Citymoon. The loss of Bruce and the wonderful legacy that he has left us is still fresh for so many of us.