Ðất Nước: Earth/Water (Country)

--- In Loving Memory of Alissa Le Thi Truong An ---


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Young Vietnamese artists performing in the production, Dat Nuoc


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DirectorBinh Duy Ta
ComposerBruce Keller
WriterHoang Ngoc Tuan
DesignerPierre Thibaudeau
Additional ChoreographyDu Trong Tien
Mask MakerTran Kim An
Lighting DesignerRichard Montgomery
Lighting OperatorKarl Johnson
AdministratorLam Hoang Hoa
PerformersDavid Le - Vu Nguyen
 Nam Pham - Du Trong Tien
 Julie Tran - Trang Tran
 Chris T. Nguyen
 Hang Pham - Nam Phan
 Jessica Tran - Maria Tran
 Jade Vu
PhotographyHo Tiet
VideoPeter Oldham
Graphic DesignVi Phat


" What we see and what we seem are but a dream, a dream within a dream..."

In Vietnamese, the word for water is Nước, and that for Earth is Ðất. Together as Ðất Nước they become Country or Nation).

Ðất Nước is a play about identity. Though all come from a Vietnamese background, the twelve performers have very different experiences: some were born in Australia, others have only been here a few years; some can barely speak English, while others are still taking English language classes. Most are hovering on the edge, or are in the midst, of the changes of adolescence. All are questioning who they are, where they have come from, and where are they going.

Ðất Nước is a meditation on belonging and becoming; a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, a resolution of coming from one culture and building a future in another.

Ðất Nước was performed at PACT Theatre in 1998 and sections also performed as part of Urban Theatre Projects’ TrackWork (1997) - where, for a brief time, our band of fresh-faced, energetic young Vietnamese Australians reclaimed the streets of Cabramatta, before a crowd of several thousand at the 1998 Tet celebrations (Vietnamese New Year) at Warwick Farm.