Finding the Buffalo


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A scene from Finding the Buffalo


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DirectorsBinh Duy Ta
 Michael McLaughlin
Director/Dramaturg/WriterBruce Keller
Writer/Dramturg/ComposerHoang Ngoc-Tuan
Composers &Angela Grima
Movement ConsultantsReza Achman
Costume DesignAnnemaree Dalziel
Costume AssistantLouise Owen
Lighting Designer/Richard Montgomery
Production Manager 
State ManagerPantelis Kotsireas
Wardrobe AssistantCaroline Szling
Program/PublicityMLC Design Studio with
 Michael McLaughlin & Thuy Cu
PhotographyTiet Ho
Guides Dieu Hien, Dieu Thien,
 Dieu Tri Ngoc Tinh, Tam Hoa
 Hien Ngoc, Minh Huong Tran
MusiciansReza Achman, Angela Grima
The MastersHoang Ngoc-Tuan,Bruce Keller
People of the WorldMarcus Biady, Paul Johnson, Michael Griffen, Amanda Kemp, Sophie Argyrous, Seng Ith, Amanda Mikolajs, Greg Johnson, Naomi Johnson, Daniel Fenech, Libby Daniewska, Trung Tran, Cicily Ponnor, Paul Khoury and Cai Luong
SingerMy Linh
Dancers at the Laughing BuddhaPhuong Anh Phan, Ngoc Ha, My Duyen,Que Phuong,Thanh Truc with Choreographer Mai Lien
Transcending Soul DaneTien Dung, Angela Grima
Temple ante-chamber vocalistsBao Khanh, Hoang Ngoc-Tuan


" and unadorned I mingle with the people of the world. "

Inspired by the spirituality of the site at the Phuoc Hue Temple, the theme driving the project would come from Zen Buddhism - the historical ten meditations known through illustration and verse as Finding the Buffalo.

The buffalo may represent the truest Self, and the search for the missing buffalo may represent the need to find ultimate balance in our temporal lives. The theme therefore is a self-conscious meditative journey, and it may mean everything to you (or nothing at all).

Working increasingly closely with the monks of the temple, and with young performers from a range of cultural and religious backgrounds, the performance of Finding the Buffalo was created.

Finding the Buffalo was performed at the Phuoc Hue Temple, Wetherill Park, Sydney, Australia on February & March 2001.