Yellow is Not Yellow

Citymoon’s up and coming project is a four week creative development titled, ‘Yellow is Not Yellow’. This project will take place at
Parramatta Riverside Theatre during June/July 2010. There will be a presentation at the end of the four weeks for funding body, industrial colleagues and friends.

This project is funded by Theatre Board - Australia Council for the Arts.


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Binh Duy Ta in the production, Yellow is not Yellow


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Writer, Performer & DirectorBinh Duy Ta
Performer/SingerEliane Anh Xuan Morel
Video ArtistPeter Oldham
Composers/MusiciansSawung Jabo
 Ngoc-Tuan Hoang
ComposerSarah de Jong
Set DesignerPierre Thibaudeau
Lighting DesignersNeil Simpson
Costume DesignersXanthe Heubel
 Brian Brown
Voice CoachingBill Pepper
Painting TutorLe Van Tai
Choreography ConsultantTien Dung Truong
Sound OperatorBill Reda
 John Dinh


" You are standing there inside me
and your hand is painting on the canvas
with colors, shapes running bloody red,
absorbing into the skin,
into the flesh, into the earth,
going through to the other side
where you will meet your true body and my dream.
My dream exists within you on the other side –
There shall never be…"

Yellow is not Yellow is a poem. A poem of word, monologue and dialogue. A poem of movement, song and music. It is a poem of performance. Yellow is not Yellow is about myself and is not about myself. It is about my friends but it is not really about my friends. It is about life and death and it is not about life and death at all.

Yellow is not Yellow is not really about anything, but it is about lots of things. Things that always exist in the past, in the present and in the future. Things that always exist in myself and in yourself. Things that we cannot name, we cannot see, we cannot even touch but we can only feel and hear in the absolute silence. Things that sometimes suddenly appear in front of our eyes, and if we are patient enough, and lucky enough, we may see them before they quickly disappear.

Yellow is not Yellow was performed as a work – in – progress showing on Thursday 17th November 2005 at Hackett House 6-8 Bankstown City Plaza, Sydney Australia.