Yellow is Not Yellow


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Binh Duy Ta in the production, Yellow is not Yellow


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Writer, Performer Binh Duy Ta
ChoreographerCraig Bary
DramaturgStephen Champion
Composers/MusiciansSawung Jabo
 Ngoc-Tuan Hoang
 Wei Zen Ho
Set DesignerPierre Thibaudeau
Lighting DesignerRoss Graham
Costume DesignerXanthe Heubel
Voice CoachingBill Pepper
Graphic DesignerThuy Cu


" You are standing there inside me
and your hand is painting on the canvas
with colors, shapes running bloody red,
absorbing into the skin,
into the flesh, into the earth,
going through to the other side
where you will meet your true body and my dream.
My dream exists within you on the other side –
There shall never be…"

Yellow is not Yellow explores themes of personal and cultural identity. It is a journey that looks below the surface in order to touch deeper dimensions and hidden corners of the personal and the cultural in an attempt to redefine them. In terms of culture, nothing is pure, nothing is fixed. Things can be changed. Things are influenced by each other. Yellow is yellow, but yellow can become a different colour if mixed with other colours.

"The main ideas in Yellow is not Yellow are based on my own experience as a migrant, a culmination of my 20 years of living in Australia. I was born and grew up in Vietnam, and I am now an Australian citizen. When I say to someone: “Yellow is not Yellow”, what I mean is: “I am not really Vietnamese and I am not really Australian. I am Vietnamese Australian”. When I was in Vietnam, my name was Ta Duy Binh. Now in Australia, my name is Binh Duy Ta. My name is still my name, but it is different. Yellow is not yellow, but it is yellow. Everything keeps changing unceasingly in each moment, but it is still itself - a transformed self, but its essence remains." - Binh Duy Ta

Yellow is not Yellow was performed as a work – in – progress showing on Saturday 3rd July 2010 at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta, Sydney Australia.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council.