The Three Women's Story


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A scene from The Three Women's Story


Written and Thi Lan Nguyen
performed byEliane Anh Xuan Morel
 and My Le Thi
Dramaturg/DirectorBinh Duy Ta
Set DesignerMy Le Thi
Sound/Musical AdvisorNgoc Tuan Hoang


" Through old and new songs from different cultures & languages, the three women share their unique stories."

When I arrived in Australia to settle, I was over 40 years of age. I have now lived more than 20 years in Australia. My old age, and the unfamiliar language – English – are two disadvantages I have to bear. My former job as an actress is not available here in my adopted homeland. Once in a while, I was invited for a film role, or play, or to sing Ca Trù; but overall those occasions have been scarce. Nevertheless, I always sing or chant a poem when cleaning the house, or cooking a meal. Perhaps it’s my habit; but perhaps it’s my love of the theatre.
Thi Lan Nguyen

The funny thing is that my mother, in fact, looks more Javanese than Vietnamese. When I flew Garuda airlines for the first time, all the hostesses looked like my mother. And they’ve found the Dong Son drum in Java, a drum that originated in Vietnam, which shows that the connection between these countries is centuries, maybe millennia old. Perhaps it is not so strange that a song from the Javanese people should stir my half Vietnamese blood. Perhaps in another life I was a Javanese princess.
Eliane Anh Xuan Morel

I was born in Central Highland, Vietnam, in a special place called Buon Me Thuot. I was an orphan and the land had brought me up. I love my highland, and the love I have been given by the land and the people there will always be with me to where ever I go.
My Le Thi

The Three Women's Story was performed as a work-in-progress showing on Friday 1st September 2006 at Hackket House 6-8 Bankstown City Plaza, Sydney Australia.