The Three Cornered Room


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A scene from The Three-Cornered Room


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The Three-Cornered Room was a creative development project. The initial spur for the project was to create an opportunity for Philippina-Australian writer-performer Merlinda Bobis and Citymoon members Binh Ta and Bruce Keller to work together. With a beginning title of The Three-Cornered Room, they would create material together as devisor-performers. The other members of the core creative team were dramaturg Keith Gallasch, composer Sarah de Jong and technical designer Neil Simpson.

The original plan was to undertake a four week period of work spread over five working weeks (eventually spaced from 14 December 1998 to 23 January 1999), culminating in a presentation to an invited audience on the final night.

The trio initially familarised themselves with each other by the sharing of stories – from their own lives, but also through the presentation of stories and folk tales from their own culture or life experience. Also, there was much discussion about the possibilities, associations and possible themes of the work, and the sharing of much resource material inspired by such discussions.

This was in tandem with on-going physical/vocal training, discovering each other through the sharing of techniques and skills. The major focus of each was: warm-up methods for focus and preparation for imaginative exploration, plus methods of improvisation, by Bruce; Philippino martial arts and dance movement by Merlinda; and martial arts and mime by Binh.