Hip Hop Horse


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The cast from Hip Hop Horse


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Co-Directed Binh Duy Ta
and performed byMorgan Lewis
 Sawung Jabe
Performer/PercussionistReza Achman
Graffiti/Conceptual artistPhibs
DramaturgBruce Keller
ProducerSuzan Piper
Lighting DesignerIan Bowie
Lighting OperatorPhil Haywood
SoundRoy Gunawan
PhotographersTiet Ho
 Peter Panoa
VideoJohn Thiris
Graphic ArtistNighsih S


"Hip Hop Horse" is a work in progress. For me it is more than just an exploration of theatre and music. It is the space where old traditions and the new world melt together. The place where we try to understand and learn to accept the differences, not just in cultural backgrounds are far wider than that. We are trying to create new wings for our bodies and souls so we can travel from horizon to horizon.
Sawung Jabo

I believe that the hip hop culture in Australia should take on its own individual distinctive style. America is regarded as mecca, the source, but Australia being so multicultural should pick up on all its home flavours. The strength comes from being different and telling the story of who you are and where you come from. There's too many sheep out there. "Hip Hop Horse" is not sheep, it has a meaning for me.
Tim de Haan