Binh Duy Ta

A young Binh in the production, The Return

A young Binh in the production, "The Return"

Binh Duy Ta trained in mime and acting in Vietnam. Binh came to Australia in 1988 to attend the International Festival for Young Playwrights in Sydney. Since then, Binh has performed and worked for a number of theatre companies and groups in Australia, touring with Entra'cte Theatre in Indonesia, Jigsaw Theatre, and with W.S. Rendra's company for study and cultural exchange.

In 1994, Binh wrote and performed the critically acclaimed The Return for the Sydney Asian Theatre Festival at Belvoir Street Theatre. In 1995, Binh founded Citymoon Theatre with the late Bruce Keller, and since then Binh has worked as director, co-director, writer, performer and teacher for many of Citymoon’s projects.

In 1997, Binh wrote & performed The Boy and the Bamboo Flute for PATCH Theatre (Adelaide), which has performed for various International Children Theatre Festivals in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Singapore, South Korea and Japan.

Binh completed a Master of Creative Arts in Theatre at the University of Wollongong. In 2005, Binh received a Western Sydney Artists Fellowship Award for his solo show ‘Yellow is not Yellow’- which has recently secured funding by Australia Council for the Arts for further development in 2010 at Parramatta Riverside Theatre.