Citymoon Theatre

A young Binh in the production, The Return

Citymoon co-founders, Binh and the late Bruce Keller

Citymoon (the Vietnamese Australian Contemporary Theatre Company) was founded by the late Bruce Keller and Binh Duy Ta in 1995 to provide a cultural bridge between the Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese Australian communities.

Citymoon’s inaugural production Conversations with Charlie premiered at Belvoir St Theatre in 1996 as part of the Sydney Asian Theatre Festival, and other contemporary performance works include The Three-Cornered Room (1999), Hip Hop Horse (2000), The Monkey Mother (2000) and Soft Silk, Rough Linen (2001), Yellow is not Yellow (2005), The Three Women’s Story (2006).

Citymoon is exceptionally placed to explore and establish a new movement vocabulary. Citymoon draws upon contemporary performance practice and philosophies, poetry, mime, and in particular kung fu, qigong & meditation as well as Tuong, a Vietnamese traditional opera.

Intrinsic to Citymoon’s vision is the provision of innovative, exciting and professional theatre product, intercultural collaboration between artists, greater cultural understanding between communities, and the professional theatre training for young performers.

Past Citymoon productions for young people have included Dat Nuoc: Earth/Water (Country) in 1999, Beat Box Vox Pop in 2001, Eleven Parts of Feeling in 2004, and in three collaborations with Powerhouse Youth Theatre, the site specific performances Journeys West at the old Liverpool Asylum (1999), Finding the Buffalo (2001) at Phuoc Hue Buddhist Temple and Heartland at Revesby Community Hall (2002).

In 2003, Citymoon has moved to new office premises in Bankstown, with Urban Theatre Projects and Bankstown Youth Development Service, as part of an arts initiative between Bankstown City Council and the Western Sydney Arts Infrastructure Fund of the NSW Ministry for the Arts.